Yarrow Kubrin


Yarrow Kubrin

Founder and sole owner of San Francisco’s Folsom Forge Cannabis distribution company, and minority owner of San Francisco’s Folsom Forge Cannabis retail, Mr. Kubrin earned his first dollar in cannabis 35+ years ago trimming for his mother’s cannabis farm in the historic cannabis producing region of the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino, California. His newest company, Indomitable Education, is a graduate of the Spring 2021 Founders Institute X Arc View cohort of cannabis technology companies. Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed incubator, (https://fi.co) and Arc View is the premiere ecosystem for cannabis founders and accredited investors (https://arcviewgroup.com). He has worked with Elevate Partners on creating content to teach business models for Mendocino cultivators under the California state grant program supporting social equity cannabis operators. Mr. Kubrin advises several cannabis technology companies, and has served as a formal advisor to a multi-state cannabis testing laboratory. He co-developed IP in the cannabis bioavailability space and consults as a boutique sole proprietor primarily assisting with developing highest and best use for permit eligible cannabis properties or optimizing either canopy or company for regulated operators. 

Mr. Kubrin contributes to West Coast AML Services’ high-risk training program specific to regulated and unregulated large-scale and multi-state operators; shedding much light on, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. He also assists West Coast’s clients with business development and onboarding large-scale operators.


Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Risk Assessments, Terry M. Neeley and Yarrow Kubrin
Hear about emerging U.S. Department of Justice marijuana-related enforcement
priorities, the importance of a credit union’s board being made aware of DOJ’s priorities, and how a financial institution can identify and address those concerns in its MRB BSA Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment and its overall cannabis banking program.