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Sundie Seefried is presently the CEO of Partner Colorado Credit Union & Safe Harbor Services, LLC, located in Denver Colorado.  She has served in the Credit Union industry since 1983 and as CEO since 2001. She holds a Bachelors in Business Management from the University of Maryland and an MBA in Finance from Regis University.    Instead of heading into retirement at the end of 2014, she designed a full scope Cannabis Banking Program known as the Safe Harbor program which has withstood the scrutiny of 14 Federal and State exams to date. The credit union now banks in excess of $200 million per month of cannabis related funds while creating the subsidiary Safe Harbor Services to aid other Financial Institutions implement the Safe Harbor program. She regularly provides cannabis banking education to legislators, regulators, attorney’s generals, state officials and financial institutions and has established herself as an expert on the topic; having her program featured in the NY Times Magazine, January 2018.  She is on a mission to normalize banking for the cannabis industry while assisting law enforcement and federal agencies be more effective at combating illicit activities and protecting the financial system.  To share her knowledge, she authored the book ‘Navigating Safe Harbor – Cannabis Banking in Uncertain Times’ in 2016, as well as contributing an entire chapter on cannabis banking in the newly released university textbook, The Politics of Marijuana: A New Paradigm, by Timothy McGettigan; both available on Amazon. 


Banking Cannabis: Walk Before You Run!
Partner Colorado CU leaned cannabis banking in the ‘hard-knocks’ school with growing
pains they never expected.  A methodical approach to establishing a cannabis banking
program will prepare your organization for the basics.  However, some aspects require
additional up-front preparation and understanding.  Key topics of this presentation will

  • Cannabis Portfolio Performance
  • Risk Assessments Monitoring
  • Balance Sheet Impact  Management
  • Payment Processors Cannabis
  • Regulator Exams Scrutiny