Time Event
Noon Registration and Networking Lunch
12:30 pm Welcome Remarks
1:00 pm Opening Keynote – Ryan Donavan, CUNA
Cannabis at a Crossroads: What to expect from Washington
CUNA Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan will share perspective on how the debate over cannabis has developed with a new administration in the White House and Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress, how credit unions are helping to drive the debate on access to banking services, and what to expect from Washington in the coming months.
1:45 pm Q&A
2:00 pm Networking Break
2:30 pm Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Risk Assessments, Terry M. Neeley and Yarrow Kubrin
Hear about emerging U.S. Department of Justice marijuana-related enforcement priorities, the importance of a credit union's board being made aware of DOJ's priorities, and how a financial institution can identify and address those concerns in its MRB BSA Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment and its overall cannabis banking program.
3:15 pm Q&A
3:30 PM Networking Break
4:00 PM Closing Keynote – Marsha Majors, President/CEO US Eagle FCU and Phil Forbert, Director of Marketing – Aery Group, a subsidiary of US Eagle
Your Board of Directors say "Let’s do Cannabis." Now What?
4:45 PM Q&A
5:00 pm Closing Remarks – Enjoy Vegas


Time Event
8:00 am Networking Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome Remarks – Day 2
9:00 am Opening Keynote – Kevin Hart, Founder and CEO Green Check Verified
Setting the Stage: Industry Trends and The Future of Cannabis Banking
9:45 am Q&A
10:00 am Networking Break
10:30 am General Session – Understanding Payments, Tyler Beuerlein
11:15 am Q&A
11:30 am Networking Lunch
12:30 pm General Session – Dierdra O’Gorman, President/CEO, EMPYREAL Logistics
Cannabis Cash Logistics – overview of cash logistics workflow and hardware options for financial institutions working in cannabis.
1:15 pm Q&A
1:30 pm Networking Break
2:00 pm General Session – Sundie Seefried, President/CEO Safe Harbor
Managing a Cannabis Portfolio
2:45 pm Q&A
3:00 pm Transition Break
3:15 pm Round Table Discussion
4:30 pm Reception
5:30 pm Enjoy Las Vegas - Dinner on your own


Time Event
8:00 am Networking Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome Remarks Day 3
9:00 am Opening Keynote - Ryan Canin
Tech in Cannabis Demystified: What do I need to know?
Transformation in banking has come at a rapid pace, and with this change we have seen the emergence of new cutting edge technologies many of which are impacting the cannabis banking industry. In this presentation we will explore the technology trends affecting cannabis banking and gain a good foundational understanding of how they work in order to make appropriate decisions. We will explain concepts such as cryptocurrencies and their application in cannabis payments including the opportunities and risks they present. We will also look at METRC and track & trace data and together we will lift the hood and uncover when we can use this data and what value it does or does not provide. Lastly we will consider some additional technologies which can assist in the process of due diligence.
9:45 am Q&A
10:00 am Stretch Break
10:15 am Closing Keynote – Lynn Ciani, Chief Risk Officer, Numerica Credit Union
Not Banking Canna? You’re Not Out of the Woods!
11:00 am Closing Remarks
11:15 am Conference Ends



Early Registration and Reception
4:30 – 6:30 pm


Time Event
8:00 AM Registration & Networking Breakfast
9:00 AM Opening Keynote Speaker: Gov. Gary Johnson
What is the future of cannibis in america?
Who better to speak on the topic than someone who was advocating legalizing marijuana in 1999 as governor of New Mexico, Served as the CEO of Cannibis Sativa (a publicly traded cannibis company 2014-2015), took third place in the 2016 presidential election with 4.5 million votes and believes that wellness in America will include cannibis. Entrepreneur/athlete/politician Gary Johnson that’s who. Past/present/future of cannibis.
10:00 AM Networking Break with Exhibitors
10:15 AM General Session - Nancy Flynn
FOUNDER Marijuana Policy Institute™ & The ePolicy Institute™
Marijuana Policy Institute™ Founder Nancy Flynn is an internationally recognized authority on workplace policies & procedures and an in-demand trainer with clients worldwide. A policy pioneer, she created the world’s first electronic policy writing and training firm, The ePolicy Institute™, in 2001. She is the author of 13 books published in six languages. Her titles include The ePolicy Toolkit and The e-Policy Handbook, of which Training Magazine said, “You might not find a more useful business book this year, or next, than this one.” Recognized for her policy know-how and integrity, Nancy Flynn serves as an expert witness in policy-related litigation. A go-to media source, she has served as a Wall Street Journal columnist and has been interviewed by Fortune, Time, The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Forbes, USA Today, NPR, BBC, ABC World News, CBS This Morning, CNBC, CNN Headline News, and CNN Anderson Cooper among others. The Marijuana Policy Institute and its sister companies, The ePolicy Institute and Business Writing Institute™, are divisions of Nancy Flynn Public Relations, Inc., a woman-owned small business (WOSB) founded in 1988.

KEYNOTE DESCRIPTION Cannabis Policies & Procedures: Best Practices to Ensure Legal, Regulatory, and HR Compliance Is your credit union prepared for legalized cannabis?  Are you equipped to handle medical and recreational use by employees and job applicants—at work and after hours? While illegal on the federal level, states swiftly are legalizing cannabis. Some cities have legislated workplace cannabis testing, as well. Regardless of where your state and city stand, now is the time for credit unions to prepare for the legal, regulatory, and organizational challenges posed by cannabis. Effective policies & procedures are at the heart of workplace cannabis management. Best practices call for the creation, implementation, and enforcement of cannabis policies and training programs governing medical and recreational use by employees and job applicants.

Learn to Minimize Cannabis Risks, Manage Employee Use & Maximize Compliance
Keynote Speaker Nancy Flynn, founder of the Marijuana Policy Institute™ and The ePolicy Institute™, will share strategies to help your credit union: 
  • Manage employee and job applicant cannabis use on the job and after hours.
  • Write and implement effective, best-practices based cannabis policies & procedures.
  • Comply with federal, state, and city cannabis legislation.
  • Adhere to ADA, FMLA, anti-discrimination and disability accommodation laws.
  • Handle cannabis-related Workers’ Compensation, OSHA & Unemployment Compensation challenges.
  • Take a considered approach to workplace and pre-employment cannabis testing.
  • Accommodate medical cannabis cardholders in accordance with laws and compassion.
  • Educate employees, manage expectations, and enforce credit union rules.  
  • Minimize employment discrimination lawsuits and other legal claims.
This is your opportunity to learn the rules of cannabis risk management from leading policy & procedures expert Nancy Flynn.
11:15 AM Networking Break
11:30 AM General Session - Ryan Canin
Thinking of Banking MRBs?: 5 things you need to know.
Setting up a program for banking MRBs is costly, especially if done wrong. This presentation will outline practical learnings from real examples. We will explore what works well and what to avoid when setting up a program and starting to bank the industry covering topics on: BSA Processes, Transaction Reconciliation, Vendor Selection and common mistakes.
12:30 PM Networking Lunch - Sponsored by MNG 2005 INC.
1:30 PM General Session - Don Arkell
Are you looking to cash in on the cannabis explosion?
In 2020 dispensary sales for legal marijuana is expected to top $10B with an economic impact of over $50B to local economies. Is your credit union looking at ways to make MBLs to this industry? Is it a topic of strategic interest to your board of directors? If you answered yes to any of those questions than you will want to hear Don Arkell, Senior Consultant at CU Lending Advice talk about the challenges in Marijuana MBL lending. In his session, he will discuss case studies as well as the risks and rewards of entering this fast growing market
2:30 PM Networking Break
2:45 PM General Session - Zane Voranberg
Cannabis 101
Don’t know much about cannabis? Don’t worry. Zane Vorenberg is a journalist with 25 years of experience covering cannabis-related topics. In this session, he will outline the basics of cannabis products and types in both recreational and medical markets, explore how the industry has evolved and discuss some of the complexities of legalization. Got questions? Bring them.
3:45 PM Transition Time
4:00 PM Topic/Roundtables
5:00 PM Networking Reception
6:00 PM Enjoy Chicago - Dinner on your own


Time Event
8:00 AM Registration & Networking Breakfast
9:00 AM Opening Keynote – Lucy Ito, NASCUS
Canna-hemp-juana: It’s Complicated!
In the space of a mere few years, consumers, business owners, credit unions, state governments, and the US federal government have witnessed the banking of cannabis emerge from the shadows to the forefront of financial services. With the conflict between state and federal law yet to be reconciled, the issues are myriad and complex for both the credit union that decides to pro-actively bank marijuana (and/or hemp businesses) and the credit union that decisively says “no” to serving these businesses. Whether deciding “yes” or “no,” all credit unions must be able to navigate the maze of compliance requirements and understanding the complex organizational, regulatory, and legal world in which marijuana-related businesses operate.

In this session, we will review the status of cannabis legalization at the state level, the policy considerations for credit unions thinking of getting ”in,” the policy considerations for credit unions deciding to steer clear, the subjectivity of what constitutes a “marijuana-related business,” cross-border and interstate issues, the labyrinthine world of marijuana-related businesses, and the status of hemp guidance at the federal and state levels including the literal volatility of hemp. In a word, it’s complicated!
10:00 AM Networking Break
10:30 AM Keynote Speaker: Kevin Hart
Seeing 20/20 in 2020: The State of Cannabis Banking
There’s been quite a bit of activity around cannabis banking in 2019, and 2020 is already shaping up to be an even bigger year!

Join Green Check Verified’s CEO & Founder, Kevin Hart as he shares his learnings around the state of cannabis banking in 2019, and what's next for 2020.

  • Kevin's review of cannabis banking in 2019 and what that means for 2020
  • Cannabis banking across the US
  • Trends and expectations around cannabis banking throughout 2020
  • How to leverage data & automation as the foundation for an efficient, sustainable, compliant cannabis banking program
11:30 AM Networking Lunch - Sponsored by Simplifya-Logo
1:00 PM General Session – Tyler Beuerlein
The Current State of Banking and Payments in the State Legal Cannabis Industry
The presentation will provide a six year front line perspective on what is really happening regarding banking and payments in the state legal cannabis industry. The topics covered will include insight into the true climate of cannabis banking, regulatory environment, state efforts, payments landscape and SAFE Act.
2:00 PM Networking Break
2:30 PM General Session – Lynn Cianni
3:30 PM Sundie Seefried
Banking Cannabis: Walk Before You Run!
Partner Colorado CU leaned cannabis banking in the ‘hard-knocks’ school with growing pains they never expected. A methodical approach to establishing a cannabis banking program will prepare your organization for the basics. However, some aspects require additional up-front preparation and understanding. Key topics of this presentation will include:
  • Cannabis Portfolio Performance
  • Risk Assessments & Monitoring
  • Balance Sheet Impact & Management
  • Payment Processors & Cannabis
  • Regulator Exams & Scrutiny
4:30 PM Reception
5:30 PM Enjoy Chicago – Dinner on your own


Time Event
8:00 AM Registration & Networking Breakfast
9:00 AM Open Panel Discussion - Aery
When your board says, “Start banking cannabis,” what do you do? For New Mexico’s US Eagle that meant launching a junior brand that exclusively handles cannabis related businesses. But it also meant learning about the business, touring dispensaries, finding partners, and notifying members. Also, telling staff and the call center that the credit union is offering cannabis accounts. Learn from a billion-dollar credit union about the pitfalls, and the success, as well as some funny stories about what it takes to bank cannabis funds.
10:00 AM Networking Break
10:30 AM Closing Keynote Speaker - Ashley Elsner
Wait: banking legal cannabis is not actually illegal? Explain how.
This presentation is designed to explain the interplay of Federal Banking Law and Regulations and Constitutional Law for financial institutions interested in banking emerging industries, like cannabis and hemp / CBD. The presentation will include discussion of primary legal sources and regulatory statements that can be used to support the case for banking legal cannabis with your General Counsels, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, and other key FI stakeholders. It will also review how the federal prohibition creates operational limits for compliant MRB banking programs.
11:30 AM Closing Remarks
11:45 AM Conference ends