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Roger J. Salter

Roger J. Salter Is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union (Albuquerque, New Mexico). He has served as a volunteer for the credit union for more than 25 years, including as a Director on the Board since 2006.

Mr. Salter was instrumental in directing the credit union to evaluate the potential of providing financial services to cannabis related businesses (CRBs). He took on an active role to research compliance regulations, visit with other financial institutions that provide services in other states, and work with the executive team to form the Aery Group. Aery Group, a subsidiary of U.S. Eagle, is focused on providing financial services to CRBs. U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union and Aery Group are taking bold steps to help a new type of business in New Mexico have safe, secure, compliant banking options.

U.S. Eagle is committed to providing safe and secure financial services to any legal entity or business; Aery Group is committed to meeting unmet needs by serving emerging CRB markets. There is a significant opportunity in CRB banking to form long-term relationships with new members. CRBs need banking options and solutions that Aery Group is uniquely qualified to offer in New Mexico.