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Marijuana Policy Institute™ & The ePolicy Institute™

Marijuana Policy Institute™ Founder Nancy Flynn is an internationally recognized authority on workplace policies & procedures and an in-demand trainer with clients worldwide. A policy pioneer, she created the world’s first electronic policy writing and training firm, The ePolicy Institute™, in 2001. She is the author of 13 books published in six languages. Her titles include The ePolicy Toolkit and The e-Policy Handbook, of which Training Magazine said, “You might not find a more useful business book this year, or next, than this one.” Recognized for her policy know-how and integrity, Nancy Flynn serves as an expert witness in policy-related litigation. A go-to media source, she has served as a Wall Street Journal columnist and has been interviewed by Fortune, Time, The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Forbes, USA Today, NPR, BBC, ABC World News, CBS This Morning, CNBC, CNN Headline News, and CNN Anderson Cooper among others. The Marijuana Policy Institute and its sister companies, The ePolicy Institute and Business Writing Institute™, are divisions of Nancy Flynn Public Relations, Inc., a woman-owned small business (WOSB) founded in 1988.

Cannabis Policies & Procedures:
Best Practices to Ensure Legal, Regulatory, and HR Compliance

Is your credit union prepared for legalized cannabis?  Are you equipped to handle medical and recreational use by employees and job applicants—at work and after hours? While illegal on the federal level, states swiftly are legalizing cannabis. Some cities have legislated workplace cannabis testing, as well. Regardless of where your state and city stand, now is the time for credit unions to prepare for the legal, regulatory, and organizational challenges posed by cannabis. Effective policies & procedures are at the heart of workplace cannabis management. Best practices call for the creation, implementation, and enforcement of cannabis policies and training programs governing medical and recreational use by employees and job applicants.

Learn to Minimize Cannabis Risks, Manage Employee Use & Maximize Compliance

Keynote Speaker Nancy Flynn, founder of the Marijuana Policy Institute™ and The ePolicy Institute™, will share strategies to help your credit union: 

  • Manage employee and job applicant cannabis use on the job and after hours.
  • Write and implement effective, best-practices based cannabis policies & procedures.
  • Comply with federal, state, and city cannabis legislation.
  • Adhere to ADA, FMLA, anti-discrimination and disability accommodation laws.
  • Handle cannabis-related Workers’ Compensation, OSHA & Unemployment Compensation challenges.
  • Take a considered approach to workplace and pre-employment cannabis testing.
  • Accommodate medical cannabis cardholders in accordance with laws and compassion.
  • Educate employees, manage expectations, and enforce credit union rules.  
  • Minimize employment discrimination lawsuits and other legal claims.

This is your opportunity to learn the rules of cannabis risk management from leading policy & procedures expert Nancy Flynn.