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Kevin Hart

CEO & Founder Green Check Verified
Kevin the CEO of Green Check Verified. He is an experienced C-level executive specializing in digital transformation and best-of-breed software solutions. Since 2015, Kevin has focused on solving one of the biggest problems in the cannabis industry: cannabis banking. He formed a team of Former Federal Examiners, BSA / AML compliance experts, and technologists to tackle these unique banking challenges. The team then developed a solution for banking cannabis that is purpose-built to work with-in the banking system, not around it. The Green Check platform was formally launched in Jan 2019, and is now running compliance programs in multiple states and growing.

Hart is an enterprise software veteran with almost 4 decades of experience. Having worked with global CPG brands in the full supply chain suite of applications, including high-volume retail order management/POS and payment systems, Hart has a keen eye for the business needs and how technology can be properly applied to solve the real and extended business requirements of optimized operations, not shoe-horning the business to fit the software.


Seeing 20/20 in 2020: The State of Cannabis Banking
There’s been quite a bit of activity around cannabis banking in 2019, and 2020 is already shaping up to be an even bigger year!

Join Green Check Verified’s CEO & Founder, Kevin Hart as he shares his learnings around the state of cannabis banking in 2019, and what’s next for 2020.

Highlights of the presentation

  • Kevin's review of cannabis banking in 2019 and what that means for 2020
  • Cannabis banking across the US
  • Trends and expectations around cannabis banking throughout 2020
  • How to leverage data & automation as the foundation for an efficient, sustainable, compliant cannabis banking program