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Kevin Hart

CEO & Founder Green Check Verified
Kevin Hart is the Founder & CEO of Green Check Verified. Kevin brings four decades of enterprise software experience as part of his founding vision for Green Check. He has worked in the C-Suite for a variety of software companies with global clients and partners, and he has led two companies to successful exits with publicly traded companies, as well as another to an IPO. With decades of
experience at the helm of venture backed companies, Kevin has brought together an unmatched team to help him lead Green Check to its leading position in the cannabis financial services market.


Setting the Stage: Industry Trends and The Future of Cannabis Banking
Over the past 12 months, cannabis sales in the U.S. have soared while a record number of new states have adopted legal medical and adult-use cannabis programs. While an increasing number of financial institutions are raising their hands to serve these highly-regulated, cash-intensive businesses, most are just scratching the surface when it comes to offering financial services to this industry. In this session, Green Check Verified Founder & CEO Kevin Hart explores the most important trends shaping cannabis banking, and he shares how forward-looking financial institutions are preparing for the opportunities that lay ahead.

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